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Jerseys will and always will be the hype of every new season. Unfortunately due to this  fact, some suppliers and sellers will use this opportunity to rip off clients who know little or nothing about football jerseys. There are so many people selling counterfeit football jerseys that makes finding an authentic jersey online seem hard to believe. A lot of clients that come to Jerseygramm online store to purchase have complained about their past deals with other vendors and we at Jerseygramm are always here to help dispel these issues and enlighten every sports lover who would very much want to buy original quality! 

Due to the volume of complaints as well as request for advice from our teeming clients, we decided to develop this article to help as many people who are tired of being cheated and want to know the truth about the difference between original and fake jerseys get first hand information so that they are no longer deceived by the pack of wolves parading themselves in sheep clothing.

 Now, check out Some of the main factors that could help you in identifying a fake soccer jersey

1.    Price

 Price is the major characteristic that could easily help you spot fake jerseys.
Think about it this way, the foreign stores or malls where these jerseys are based majority of the time range from $60 to $100 that is approximately 23,000 to 25,000 Naira, most especially during the start of a new season.
So...why will your vendor sell at $15 to $25 that is approximately N6000 to N10,000) and so on, something doesn't add up right...
At least...if you want to buy a fake jersey  Know within your mind, body and soul that you are wearing a fake jersey rather than being deceived its authentic. you can check out this article on 5 reasons you should not buy cheap jerseys so that you can begin to change your purchasing priorities in case are used to buying cheap jerseys.

 If the seller is offering you jerseys for less than $40, its likely that his supplies are counterfeit. These jerseys are available for around $100 at club stores. Then, how can a seller offer jerseys to you at such low prices? He also needs to make some profits. Moreover, procuring soccer jerseys for $20 or $40 is not possible especially during the new season. You could get them at such low prices only if the stock is quite old or the season is almost over or as the season winds down the prices gradually drop.

2.    Material

 The material of fake jerseys is  low in quality. Often, the material is loosely woven and therefore fake jerseys hang lower than the original.
Note though the threading of authentic jerseys are conspicuous and neat... however, when it is loosely and roughly woven there is a problem. You could also feel the difference in the stretch of original and fake jerseys when you touch them.

3.    Stitching 

 Unlike big brands like Adidas and Nike, the manufacturers of replicas and fakes don't have sophisticated manpower for tailoring. Therefore, if the stitching of a jersey is poor, its definitely a fake jersey. Also if the jersey is too shiny bright or faded-most likely, its fake.

4.    Badges 

 The stitching, colors, embroidery, cuts, and prints of badges of a fake soccer jersey can never match with that of the original. In some fake jerseys, you will find that the colors used in badges are of different shades, in some you would find the material of badge is different, and in some you would find differences in the cut of badges

5.    Location 

 There is a very big misconception that fake jerseys come from Asia... Totally wrong, what is true is the fact that the distribution source is not legit, or the supplier is not getting it from the legit source. Let us break it down further. Your favorite phones to apparels are majorly produced in Asia but the difference between you getting a fake and original is the distribution source. So the question is, is your supplier getting it from the legit source?

6. Compensation

  This is our favorite because it's the easiest and most reliable way to spot a fake seller. So some jerseys do have issues which is rare...but if your supplier cannot offer you a new one for free or half the price.then something is wrong. Special quotas are given for this issues when they arise if you are dealing with legit supplier. Although they hardly arise, if however it occurs the customer is covered.
So, next time you go online to shop for soccer jerseys, basketball jerseys and other jerseys, make sure you take cognisance of all these factors so that you will not make mistakes of falling into the wrong hands. However, you can always be rest assured that Jerseygramm will always give you the authentic Jerseys and will never sell fake Jerseys.

Kindly comment below, let me know what you think about these signs of fake jersey and if you have your own ways of identifying fake jerseys. You can equally share your experience purchasing jerseys online.


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So you have decided to buy your original, non-replica favorite football club or country's jersey or basketball team and you are wondering, probably searching for which online store to make your purchase. Yes i get it...!!! 
There are many online stores promising to give you quality jerseys at an incredibly low price 😏😏. Some even claim to sell at prices that are by far lower than their cost price and one wonders what quality of products they actually advertise 😅😅. 
In addition to that, they even promise to customize your jerseys online as well as deliver your purchased goods to your doorstep within a reasonable time but in reality, "all na wash"

Since most people are easily deceived by adverts that promises them of buying quality goods at cheap cost, they fall victim to jerseys that starts peeling off within three months or less after purchase. Now tell me this isn't a clear case of "penny wise pound foolish" Worse still, such online stores abound on the internet and makes it difficult for a genuine buyers to identify quality online stores. As the saying goes, because local car mechanics on duty appear similar to that of mad men, it is difficult to differentiate between the two. However, a closer look at both individuals clearly speaks the obvious.. So it is, in the world of online stores especially when it comes to jerseys and other sport items. This is why Jerseygramm is your best online shop to buy and customize jerseys purchased from their website.

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Have you ever seen someone wearing a jersey that looks like this?

Well, that is one of the terrible experiences you will get when you buy cheap and fake jerseys!!!
As the 2018/2019 football season is almost nearing its end, every football fan is eagerly waiting to get the feel of new season jerseys that will be unveiled by various clubs in due time. I also suppose that many football loving fans are saving up some cash to buy the new jerseys of their various clubs that shall soon be unveiled.

Now i know that a lot of people love to buy things that can give them the opportunity to save up some cash for other needs... Heck who doesn't want to save some extra cash, even if its for some extra bottles of beer! After all an adage says that you can't get rich by spending recklessly.

But, wait a minute... Did i just hear someone say "recklessly?" (obviously i can't hear you speak anyways, after all i am the author but...) WOW...!!! And where is the place for value for your hard earned money? Some people who love to buy cheap jerseys online are taken aback when they come across authentic e-stores like  Jerseygramm, because they are not used to buying original quality items that truly gives value, ofcourse, probably their priority is on price and not on quality. They quickly forget that jerseys there are authentic, top quality fan grade and player grade jerseys directly imported directly from the manufacturers. This can be verified by checking the official websites of top producers like Adidas, Nike and Puma to compare the prices of jerseys there and that of ours. When you compare the jerseys purchased from Jerseygramm with other jerseys from these sites that sell N6,000 to  N10,000 jerseys or even cheaper like N1,000 to N5,000, you discover that there are lots of differences between them. As the saying goes, "if e no be panadol, e no fit be panadol at all". 

In this content, i will list out 5 reasons why you shouldn't buy cheap jerseys.

REASON 1. They don't last.

 Cheap jerseys are produced using substandard materials or prints which compensate for the price they are being sold. Some of these jerseys might even be toxic to the body because they do not pass the quality assurance test, hence they can be harmful to the body when your sweat come in contact with such materials. As a result of these substandard nature of these items, the manufacturers are able to sell at incredibly low prices. Check out this content on How to Identify Fake Jerseys.
Additionally, after sometime of wearing, washing, ironing and repetition of same process, you will start seeing changes in the jersey you bought. So, this is what we call penny wise, pound foolish.

 REASON 2: They tear off easily

How will you feel when you bought jersey and wear it for a few weeks or months, probably play few games wearing them, only to start seeing tears and signs that the threads used to sew your darling club's jersey are gradually wearing off? Worse still, you probably bought the jersey from an online shop that claims to sell original jerseys for N10,000. What a disappointment!! This is completely devastating and discouraging. 

The truth is that cheap jerseys are usually fake and are brittle. They easily tear. They are easily weakened. They easily fade. Flee from shops that claim to sell original jerseys which the authentic manufacturers sell for between $60 - $80 (N22,000 - N28,000) for $15 - $28 (N5,000 - N10,000). They are in business only steal, kill and destroy. Except you purposely want to wear such jerseys, you are risking regretting buying such jerseys.

REASON 3: They peel off easily

Just like the above point, fake jerseys peel off easily. Have you ever seen or experienced this kind of situation as shown in the picture above?
That is what happens when you buy fake jerseys. After wearing, washing and ironing them for a while, this will happen to your jersey. Obviously, if you love to buy quality jerseys, you won't be able to wear this anymore.

REASON 4: they don't give sense of pride

Imagine wearing jersey with poor sewing finishes, faded colours or peeled off badge, name or number! How do you think your friends will see or think about you? All because you wanted to save some few currencies notes! or you were deceived into buying fake jerseys for authentic ones. Remember that there are a lot of stores both online and offline who claim to sell original products. Beware and be careful. This article, How to identify fake jerseys will help you avoid such mistakes. Buy jerseys and other items from trusted websites like Jerseygramm and be rest assured that only original quality will be delivered to you. Even if there is/are errors, you will get a replacement asap!!!

REASON 5: You look cheap and odd

So, you went online to your favorite vendor to buy you club or country jersey of, say, N5,000. You feel happy and satisfied with yourself that you spent your money on quality jersey like the Real Madrid jersey on your right hand side as shown in the image above. On the day you and your guys are to fly your colours, you proudly dress up in your expensive and original Real Madrid jersey (or whichever club or country jersey you purchased). You go out to meet your guys and as you guys are having a swell time, one of your guys who happened to purchase the true original Real Madrid jersey from Jerseygramm store stands or sits beside you. You stylishly look at his jersey and his jersey looks like the jersey as shown in the Real Madrid image above on your left. You pause for a while and take another look at yourself. You definitely do not need anyone to tell you the obvious truth. I can bet that you won't be comfortable there anymore. Surely, your friends might fail to notice or decide to ignore how cheap you are but that doesn't change the fact that you are truly cheap. This is why you should buy and customize authentic, non-replica jerseys online from Jerseygramm because they sell only original jerseys imported directly from the real manufacturers. You are also covered by their iron clad warranty if the jersey have any factory errors. 

In view of this, you should be careful where you buy your jerseys. If you can't afford to buy authentic jerseys, or you purposely want to save some currency, there is no problem, at least you know the truth and some of the things to expect while purchasing cheap jerseys.